Order Transcripts

Order transcripts within your Cialfo account.

Final Transcripts

The HIS College Counseling Department will automatically send your final transcript and notice of graduation to the one school you have committed to enrolling in the fall. It is important you update your college counselor and record your decision in your Maia Learning account. All final transcripts are sent to colleges in early June.

Privacy Policy on Education Records

The school will ask for written consent before disclosing a student’s personally identifiable information, including education records, to individuals other than the student and his or her parents. School officials may disclose any and all education records, including disciplinary records, to another school or postsecondary institution at which the student seeks or intends to enroll.

In an emergency, school officials may disclose without consent education records, including personally identifiable information from those records, to protect the health or safety of students or other individuals. At such times, records and information may be released to appropriate parties such as law enforcement officials, public health officials, and trained medical personnel.