Utica College Resets Tuition to a Better Price, Improving Our Affordability

Post date: Sep 18, 2015 5:08:51 AM

Utica College is ushering in a new era for college affordability, reducing the cost of undergraduate tuition and fees by 42 percent to fall below $20,000.

The tuition reset will take effect in Fall 2016 for all new and returning students in the on-campus undergraduate program. The 2016-17 published price of tuition and fees will be $19,996, and when the average room and board of $10,434 is added in, the approximate total cost of attendance will be $30,430 per year. That's before financial aid.

Better Price ... Plus Financial Aid

This means Utica will have the best private college price among all of our peer institutions in the Northeast region, from New York to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. And it positions us at the forefront among American higher education institutions in seizing the initiative on the important issue of college affordability.

Along with setting a better tuition price, Utica College will continue to award both merit scholarships and need-based grants to qualified students, lowering their cost even further.

See our affordability web site for all of the details.