U.S. Summer College Tour Info Session 4/16

Post date: Mar 31, 2014 5:51:07 AM

John Liu, former college counselor at International Bilingual School in Hsinchu Science Park (IBSH), is organizing a college tour this summer especially for students in Hsinchu to visit top universities in California and the northeastern region of the United States. He has conducted this tour for 2 years for IBSH students, and the students who attend found it it extremely helpful to their college search and application process. This year he is opening up this experiential learning program to all international students in Hsinchu.

Mr. John Liu will be at HIS April 16th during lunch to provide more information and answer any of your question.

In addition, he will be at IBSH on April 16th at 4:30pm to give an information session on the Summer College Tour.

Please visit their Facebook page for more information and to see the tour blog from last year's tour:


If you would like to attend the presentation at IBSH for more detailed information about the tour, please RSVP.

Mr. John Liu worked at IBSH for four years and is currently working in an international school in Shanghai as a university counselor.