UC Berkeley Business Academy for Youth (B-BAY) 2014

Post date: Apr 8, 2014 9:15:32 AM

As the second-oldest business school in the United States, the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley is one of the world’s leading producers of new ideas and knowledge in all areas of business, which includes the distinction of having two of its faculty members receive Nobel Prize in Economics over the past 15 years. Berkeley has been a significant contributor to the Silicon Valley innovation and economy while Haas is the driver of the entrepreneurship. Haas School of Business presents the Berkeley Business Academy for Youth (B-BAY) summer academies for both Middle and High School students from around the world. Students will participate in a two-week intensive business program that is delivered on the Berkeley campus by Haas faculty, staffs and graduate students. The program is further enhanced by including a third week of cultural activities and experiencing Silicon Valley companies.

For B-BAY information, please refer to http://haas.berkeley.edu/businessacademy/

The B-BAY program fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration through an engaging, project-based curriculum. The curriculum is designed at grade-appropriate levels separately for Middle and High School students as an introduction to the world of business and entrepreneurship. The deliverables of summer academies will be as following:

  • Middle school - Entrepreneurship: Building a website that showcases their business ideas and strategies

  • High school - Entrepreneurship: Creating a comprehensive business plan

  • High school - Case study: Analyzing and critiquing a current business issue with a report

In 2013, B-BAY partnered with CFM Educational Services (CFM) to expand its reach to international students. CFM is the official B-BAY wraparound service partner that supports students through the application process and during the program. In addition to the residential services, we also offer academic counseling, and cultural events & activities all geared to improve student’s learning process.

To understand more about CFM, please refer to http://www.cfmedu.com