Tick Tock Says the Gap Year Clock

Post date: May 20, 2014 6:14:15 AM

At Suffolk University Madrid Campus, students can spend a transformative gap year in Spain and earn college credits, too. Here's some inspiration:

No matter what students choose to study at our fully accredited campus, they'll learn from their international friends and classmates. Our classes feature visits that bring coursework to life. Astronomy students peer into Europe's largest telescope to chart the stars. Political science students attend parliamentary sessions to witness Spain's legislative process in action. And those are just two examples. Plus, our group excursions offer students the chance to explore even more of Spain's diverse landscapes.

Students who want to travel throughout Europe can enjoy another benefit. Our classes meet Monday through Thursday, so students can spend long weekends discovering the distinctive cultures of Spain and its neighbors. Whether they travel to Barcelona, Prague, London, or Marrakesh (or all of the above!), your students will gain priceless insights into the world around them.