Summer Uni Tours in the US/UK

Post date: Feb 9, 2017 5:12:32 AM

We offer summer university tours to help high school students be better informed and more knowledgeable about where and what to study and hopefully help them narrow down their choices.

As a shortcut to long explanations I have this 1 minute video where we quickly go through one of our tours from A to Z:

Our tours are directed to all of those students looking to apply to top-ranked unis in North America and in the United Kingdom with the following feelings towards accessing uni!

  • Excited students, super eager to find the right university but not yet decided.

  • Students planning to go to a good university but feeling a bit lost, in need of inspiration and first-hand information to give them a little push of direction.

  • Focused students that know very well what they want but perhaps you find advisable for them to have a look at what other good unis offer.

  • Doubtful students that need to see with their own eyes what the universities look like.

Over summer break, we group international high school students from different schools and countries all over the globe into a full one-week of university visits.

You can check the detailed itineraries here: Most of our tours are in the month of July and group size is between 10 to 20 students’ maximum.

Your students will be able to:

  • Visit the university campus

  • Chat over lunch-in-campus with a current university student to ask all questions they have. *We are collaborating with Campus Sherpa

  • Discuss any concerns on “how to Apply” with the Admissions Office

  • Bond with other international high school students in the same situation.

  • Daily Wrap-up sessions to process all the information we are receiving and clarify any doubts.

All together a very academic and intense week with the aim to give clarity, inform and motivate students throughout their application and decision making process to access university.