Spring Semester Preview

Post date: Jan 3, 2012 8:32:49 AM

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable winter holiday break. Here is a preview of the spring semester:

++ G12 - as applications are finished, we will move into transitioning to and succeeding in college. Topics will include: tools for academic success, roommates, laundry, staying healthy, campus safety, cooking, health, networking and job/internship interviewing skills, etc.

++ G11 - this fall we learned about the different college/university options available and the holistic admissions process as practiced in the U.S. With this understanding, in the spring Juniors will start to research schools and build their college lists, and begin writing their personal statement/essays.

++ G10 - Sophomores will begin to do career exploration and understand what kind of education preparation is required for various careers. There will be continued focus on developing good academic skills in preparation for college and beyond.

Students and parents are encouraged to check the course pages on Moodle for detailed information and links to resources on the topics covered in class. Lesson plans are usually posted at least a day before the class meets.