[NTUT Intl Summer School] Collaboration with HIS

Post date: Mar 6, 2017 11:53:13 AM

We offer North American standard credit courses at National Taipei University of Technology (all WES certified). Our target students are those currently in 10-12 grade and interested in studying in US or Canada for university/college. The 5-week program aims to help them get familiar with North American college classroom, which indicates full English learning environment and faculty from America.

One thing worthy noticing is that we're not summer camp. The focus of our program lies in prerequisite courses, like the general or elective courses in freshman and sophomore year, ranging Business/ Economy/ Art/ History/ Chemistry/ Biology etc. Students are here to really acquire knowledge, not 50% learning and 50% playing.

Students will receive Certificate of Completion after the program is over. This year it's July 10th to August 11th. After they enter college, they can apply for transferring the credits taken here to home university. It's a worthy deal for students to complete general credits faster, spend time on double major, or graduate early.

Official website: www.ntutiss.org

Course timetable: http://www.ntutiss.org/Index/course/campusId/6.html

Program calendar: http://www.ntutiss.org/Index/content/campusId/6/newsId/80.html