Literature, Adventure and Fun - Great Books at Oxford!

Post date: Jan 14, 2016 4:35:27 AM

Literature, Adventure and Fun - Great Books at Oxford!

Literary Oxford: An Academic Adventure Abroad

Imagine being able to explore Shakespeare’s Hamlet both on and off the page. As we dive into the influential work of this playwright, students will have the unique experience of visiting Shakespeare’s birthplace Stratford-upon-Avon, and watching as his work is brought to life by the famous Royal Shakespeare Company. This is what makes Great Books @Oxford the academic adventure of a lifetime.

World-Class Academics and Travel

Great Books Summer Program at Oxford combines a world-class academic experience with exciting excursions and tours of must-see destinations in Oxford, London and the English countryside. By focusing our curriculum on great works of British literature, Great Books students get a rich and unique experience as they travel and see England through a literary lens.

Not Your Typical Day

We begin our days with Socratic seminars led by distinguished Academic Directors and guests, who include Oxford dons, social entrepreneurs, award-winning authors and other inspiring luminaries. Afternoons and evenings are spent touring Oxford or exploring the rich culture and history of London and beyond. Guided by counselors who are scholars of literature attending top universities, students have an opportunity to preview college life while building lasting friendships within our global community of readers and thinkers.

This two-week program is limited to a select number of students (ages 14 to 18). Register to secure your spot for this unique Great Books adventure.