Introducing truePrep: Low-Cost SAT Prep from ArborBridge

Post date: Mar 3, 2015 8:14:36 AM

Over the past year, ArborBridge has designed an insanely effective SAT curriculum. It is simply the best in the business, optimized for ArborBridge's live, one-on-one instruction. Parents, students, and counselors have been thrilled with the results. By working worldwide -- our students come from over 30 countries -- we have dedicated ourselves to supporting as many students in as many places as possible. Cost has been the chief impediment to this goal.

With truePrep, that impediment is now gone.

Under our new brand, truePrep, ArborBridge is making its world-class tutoring services available for less than half the cost of its traditional test preparation programs. We still have our same precision curriculum and incredible tutors. But, we have automated the signup process, streamlined our offerings, and eliminated concierge-style customer service features.

truePrep offers a single 15-hour prep program. We want this one choice to be students' best choice. Based on our internal data, truePrep's 15-hour program will result in average increases of over 250 points for half the price of an equivalent ArborBridge program. And, as with ArborBridge's programs, truePrep will be available to students anywhere, regardless of their time zones.

In the coming weeks, the truePrep team, including Managing Director Andrew Finn (copied here), will be in touch to reveal details about this new service. I think it may be ideal for some of your students – especially those who would have been good candidates for ArborBridge but who were anxious about the investment.

In the meantime, truePrep is up and running as of this week. We invite you and your students to browse our website,, learn about our curriculum, fill out an interest form, take a mini-quiz.

Our program includes 15 hours of customized, live, one-on-one instruction with an elite tutor, and the program typically costs $1,150, about the cost of a typical classroom program.