GAKKO Camps 2016

Post date: Mar 10, 2016 7:48:42 AM

The application deadline of March 31 for the GAKKO summer camps is fast approaching. GAKKO is a non-profit initiative based in San Francisco and Japan that organizes summer camps for high school students. Every summer for the last four years, university students from around the world gatyher to create from scratch a ten-day summer camp like no other: GAKKO Camps are spaces for inspired reflection on the nature of education [— and from it, the connections we draw into ourselves and out into the world.]

This year, our team of undergraduate and graduate students hails from schools such as Yale, Sciences Po, Harvard, NYU, Northwestern, Stanford, Princeton, and Oxford. They will be designing interdisciplinary workshops on topics ranging from architecture to improvisational comedy, entrepreneurship to mindfulness, music to neuroscience. Each GAKKO workshop is carefully crafted to recognize the threads that tie individual subjects to one another, and draw both facilitators and participants into a fully engaged, self-aware learning experience.

At the center of our camps are high school students “looking for something more”; that something can be a spark of creative inspiration, a trusting community of mutual respect, a forum for critical discussion on what it means to learn. We seek out students who are hungry to explore and reflect, interested in joining a diverse community with shared intellectual values, and willing to jump into an experience that will change them in a deeply positive ways.

The impact that GAKKO Camps have had on our students is felt through both their testimonials and trajectories after the camp. Many choose to pursue intellectually rigorous post-secondary programs at respected universities; almost all emerge more curious, creatively engaged, and confident that the next step of their journey will be aligned with their values, skills, and goals.

We believe that students from your school would make the most of an experience at GAKKO, and would like to encourage them to apply to this summer’s camps in Chiba (Japan), Bali (Indonesia), and the Danube Delta (Romania).

Attached, please find a PDF brochure containing more details about this summer’s program.