ArborBridge Tutoring Now Offers a Satisfaction Guarantee

Post date: May 29, 2014 3:14:37 AM

ArborBridge, a provider of online tutoring services (including preparation for the ACT and SAT) now offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Summertime Tutoring

Teachers, counselors, and students all deserve time off during the summer. We at ArborBridge, however, are open for business and available for tutoring all summer long. Summer is often the ideal time for rising 12th graders to prepare for fall SATs, ACTs, or Subject Tests, and it can be a great time for rising 11th graders to build a foundation for the exams to come. Once school ends and students figure out their schedules for travel, camp, and all the rest, we invite them to take a free demonstration lesson and/or diagnostic exam to find out what we can accomplish in the free time that lies ahead.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We have long wrestled with the idea of offering assurance to families who are new to ArborBridge. We have shied away from any policy that would guarantee point increases. As confident as we are in our tutoring -- and as proud as we are of our results -- we want students and families to understand that there is no uniform policy that can fairly account for every student's situation.

What we can promise, however, is that students will love our approach to tutoring and that they will appreciate it from the first moment. We are therefore pleased to offer the following satisfaction guarantee: if a family is not completely satisfied with ArborBridge's services within the first three lessons (typically 3-5 hours of tutoring), they receive a full refund. It is our top priority that families are satisfied with the time and money they invest in our programs. We hope that this guarantee assures them that they are in good hands with ArborBridge.