Marymount College (Los Angeles, California)

posted Mar 23, 2011, 2:13 AM by Berta Liao   [ updated Feb 1, 2012, 7:49 PM ]
Marymount College is located in the posh Palos Verdes Peninsula suburb of Los Angeles, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Check out the view from the academic buildings! 

The school is one of the top feeder schools to four-year universities such as UCLA, USC, and Loyola Marymount. In fact, Marymount has transfer articulation agreements with many private and public universities in California. What this means is that certain classes taken at Marymount can transfer over and be credited or fulfill academic requirements at the university with the articulation agreements. Besides offering a wide variety of Associate degree programs, the school also offers Bachelor degree programs in Business, Liberal Arts and Media Studies. Distinctive features of Marymount include a commitment to the success of its students through small class sizes and close faculty-student interaction, along with a learning center.

Here are some photos of campus resources: Apple Macintosh computer lab:

Bulletin board with different activities and events outside the Advising and Career Services Office:

Rack of magazines at the library - everything from Nutrition Action Newsletter to Marie Claire:

The student center with tables for dining, sofas for lounging, pool table, foosball (air hockey) table, and large screen TV (not pictured):

The swimming pool - look at the student who is studying in her laptop while sunbathing! The campus also has tennis courts and a grassy athletic field that overlooks the ocean for lacrosse and soccer.

The school operates 3 shuttle buses that run hourly to take students to and from school housing and the campus. The shuttle bus driver will also drop students off at stops along the route, such as the supermarket and gym, by request and pick students up an hour later.