College Success Tips

Congratulations, you've been admitted and have sent off your reply! Here are tips and guides for success in college.

College Lingo Glossary - a guide to common terms used in colleges and universities.

Staying Healthy

Eat well - eat real food, not too much, mostly plants. Also remember to drink enough water. It's ok to indulge in a treat (french fries, sweets, etc.) once in awhile, as long as your diet is balanced towards healthful items. Go Ask Alice has great nutritional information geared towards college students (along with other health-related topics).

Get enough sleep - getting good rest does wonders for your mental state and physical body! Learn about healthy sleep habits from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. 

Move - getting in physical activity, whether by going to the gym, participating in an intra-mural sport, taking a PE class, or just walking to classes and taking the stairs instead of the elevator, helps relieve stress and prevent fat gain.

Manage stress - Consider meditation, yoga, tai chi, diaphragmatic breathing or other relaxation techniques. Check out the Physical Education department or your school's medical center for stress relief and wellness classes, or talk to a friend, your RA (residence assistant), or advisor.

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